If you think “finger lickin’ good” is a way of life and not just about eating some yummy chicken, submitting a KFC job application might be the perfect thing to do.

With almost 5,000 KFC locations in the United States alone, your chances of finding a KFC job near you is better than fair.

There are a variety of job opportunities at KFC, including team members, cooks, cashiers, maintenance, and management positions.

Depending on your skill level, you might bypass being a team member and go straight into a management role as a shift leader. If you enjoy the idea of skipping a rung, simply follow the instructions in this guide and your dreams might become reality.

We’ve put together this guide to make applying for, and landing, a job at KFC so much easier. We’ll tell how and where to apply, how to follow up, and how to communicate effectively with the hiring manager.

There are two basic ways to apply for a job with KFC.

You can walk in to any KFC and request an application, or you can apply online.

Most people prefer to apply online, but if you want to be memorable, walking in works just fine.

We’ll go into the pros and cons of each approach later in this guide.

Application Information
Minimum Age Requirement :

  • The minimum age for employment at KFC is 18.

Although some states allow a lower age limit, it’s best to call your local KFC and ask a manager.

Hours of Operation: As most KFCs are a franchise, the operational hours vary from store to store. Hours of operation may also vary due to the season. Call the KFC location you’re interested in to find out more.

Application Methods: You can apply online or in the store you want to work at.

The KFC Hiring Website allows you to search by city, state and desired position.

Applying Online
Plan on 20 to 30 minutes to complete the application. You’ll need to set up a username and password to begin, and agree to the Terms of Use.


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  1. I am interested in working at kfc ihave matric certificate and human resource n4 I am a hard worker ,fast learning and I can work extra shift if needed

  2. Working at KFC was my dream come true I am hard worker, fast learner I can work extra shifts if i needed I have level 4 in marketing course

  3. I am interested in working at KFC, I have matric certificate, I am a hard worker able to work under pressure, willing to relocate any time.

  4. I am interested in working at KFC and i have level 4 wiling to relocate if I can be given the job I’m a hard worker woman

  5. I am a 43years old disabled(limping leg and left hand unable to hold properly) lady with grade 12 and five years experience as a clerk.I am interested to work at kfc.i am willing to accept any job opportunity available.I am a hardworking person,a fast learn and willing to work shifts.I am willing to learn.

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