Welcome to the home of the best loved chicken brand in Africa!

At Hungry Lion we proudly serve Africa’s Bigger Chicken Pieces, More Thick Cut Chips & More to Share!

Africa’s BEST-LOVED chicken brand has a footprint across 7 African countries, employing over 4000 people in more than 200 stores!
We opened our first store in 1997 and, for almost 25 years, have made SHARING MORE our business. We serve BIGGER pieces, MORE chips and MORE smiles by trade, but our goal is to provide joy to our employees and customers through food prepared with passion and purpose.

We want to make sustainable contributions

Our CSI activities are underpinned by four core pillars that ensure we support the communities who support us. We are committed to giving back MORE through:

Staff Support by doing what we can to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff across Africa
Hunger Alleviation by identifying and joining hands with local partners to respond to food scarcity needs across Africa
Change in our Communities by actively responding with sustainable solutions to the needs of our local communities
Skills Development by placing our focus on the skills development of our staff and in our local communities

Please indicate your Province and Area on your CV.


. Gauteng, Pretoria
. Limpopo, Louis Trichardt
. Western Cape, Kraaifontein
. KwaZulu Natal, Kwathema

No closing date as you can email your CVs anytime.

If you want to be part of the Hungry Lion, Proudly African Family, please send your CV to

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  1. I’m interested in working at hungry lion i have matric certificate i used to work as a cashier at boxer superstore I’m good at communicating with people of all ages

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